How do you transfer components between models?

Copy and paste does not work, is there another way?

Uploading them to the 3D Warehouse and then downlaoding them into your other model works.

Tried looking to do that but could not see how to do it. I assumed it was not available in the free version. Will look again. Thanks

create a folder structure on your drive or server and insert from there

Just curious as to whether or not this is/is not a feature of SU for Web. I’m using SU for Web and have no problem copying/pasting components from one model into another. I just tried a few times and was even able to copy/paste an entire 7MB model…and it included all of the components in the model.

I’m on a Windows 10 laptop using the Chrome Sketchup for Web application (it runs SU in a separate window from the Chrome browser).

I have no issues copying from one model, opening a new one and pasting into that. Using the web version in a browser, FF.

And while we’re on the subject of component’s (and not to get too far afield from the OP, but it is directly related}…does SU provide any architecture in the free or paid versions that allows you to define components in separate model files, but reference them from other models? Thus allowing you to define a master component in ONE place, but use it in MANY other models…updating the master would update any models referencing it.

I understand I can import another model as a component, but if I make changes to the imported model component(s), it then becomes unique to the model into which it was imported…and replicates model size, etc.

You can create libraries of components (known as Collections) to use in multiple models. These are technically just another sketchup model but when inserted via the component browser they are linked to the ‘external’ component. You can edit the external component and save it, then go to the version in the model and select reload and it will reflect your external edits.

As an example, you could have a house with four rooms. Each room as a component that has been saved to a collection, four different people could work on those rooms and save their work, you could then open the house model and ‘Reload’ the rooms and you have brought all their work together.

@Box, are you talking about features in the 3D Warehouse? I see Collections there, but haven’t played around much in the Warehouse other than searching & downloading other’s models…

No, it is an option in the Component Browser within Sketchup itself. The desktop version.
It allows you to create accessible folders within the computers file structure.

OK, thanks for the clarification…it’s not available in SU for Web, only in paid versions…so doesn’t apply to this thread :frowning:

Yes, not this thread specifically, but you did ask.

Just to be clear, I asked:


Having just had a look now, yes you can use collections in the 3d warehouse in the same way in the web version.
I was able to browse to My Collections and download one of my components directly into the model.
So the answer is yes to both the free and paid web versions also have this ability.
Image to show the free version

By the way the simple answer to your question …free or paid… is Yes.
You have asked if it is available in either, not specifically in one or the other.
:wink: :wink:

Well, the answer to one of the questions is Yes…free or paid. That is, there is a way to save individual reusable component models. However, my question went a bit further in asking if you could insert saved components and then update them by updating the original component model:…eliminating the reproduction of component geometry everywhere it is instanced (well in this scenario, you’re not actually instantiating, you’re copying and creating a new component that has no linkage to the model/component is was copied from). Copy/pasting a component, or downloading from the warehouse creates unique copies of the geometry that can then be renamed, modified, etc.

I was asking about a way to create links to components that are defined elsewhere, such that you only maintain one master definition of the model/component, but can have many instances of it in other models.

Your initial response to my post is what I was looking for, but I’m guessing that since there is no component browser in SU for Web, that we don’t have that luxury.

As the OP in this thread I am still struggling with doing this. I cannot find things, or cannot get things to work.
I can copy and paste into a new, blank model. No problem. However I cannot copy and paste from one model to another if the target model already has something in it. The options in the right mouse pop up window are all greyed out, and Cntrl V does not work.

Also I cannot see anywhere in the web free version where I can save a component to the 3D warehouse, or add it to a collection for use elsewhere. Am I missing something somewhere?

Edit : Well blow me!!! After the n’th time of trying my copy and paste of a component between models suddenly worked. Obviously something was different but I have no idea what. Any clues anyone?