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Is there a way to build a personal component library akin to the one available in non web versions as part of the components section in web free? I am currently adding components to a specially named model ‘My components’ and having to copy them out by closing the model I’m working on, opening ‘My components’ and copying the ones I want to use, closing the ‘My components’, re-opening the one I’m working on and pasting them in. I’ve tried importing "My components’ into the model I’m working on but it brings everything in and I have to delete the ones I don’t need.
It’s a bit tedious to do it the way I currently am doing but it’s a small price to pay for the use of a good 3D modelling program that’s free!. Thanks.

You can save components to your Trimble Connect storage and then import them into your project model. You could also upload them to the 3D Warehouse and import them into your model when you want them. Or you could download them to folders on your computer and import them from there.

Thanks Dave, pretty much what I thought, just a few extra steps over the pro versions.

You could publish your components to the 3D warehouse. You can have them set to public, or to private so nobody else can use the components if you wish. You can even arrange content in folders and collections there. Then your whole component collection will be available while modeling in SketchUp Web by opening the 3D warehouse interface and clicking on your name in the upper right and choosing > My Content.

Thanks for this. I thought I saw you with Aaron in Vancouver today on a live stream, how’s it going there?

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Well spotted. It’s fun, mostly enjoying the chance to meet and spend time with people I know and respect from the forum. Sorry I can’t do the same with you and some others. As you might expect with such a flexible tool there are a wide variety of perspectives on SketchUp here, as well as many different levels of experience represented and it’s hard to be relevant to everyone at the same time. But there is something for everyone here. Lots of attention going to the Web and iPad versions.


Copy and paste does work in the same browser window with the web version. Instead of having a separate file for every component, and importing them into your new file, you could have one model that includes a bunch of them. Open that model, select the components you want in your new model, Copy, open the new model, Paste.

Thanks Colin that’s what I’ve been doing.

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