Using own components in web version


I have used the Desktop version of Sketchup with my students for several years. Our school has started using Google Classroom and I was looking into using the web-based version. I have folders of components that I upload to the Desktop version so students aren’t spending time in the warehouse looking for Lamborghinis, giant Ronald McDonalds, and other totally irrelevant components. Is there a way to use these components in the web version? Thanks.


You can use the same folder system you used for the desktop version of SketchUp. The students can access that folder by clicking on the folder icon and then Insert. Click on the computer icon to access the folder on their computer. Or drag and drop from the computer to SketchUp.

Open an older Sketchup model in Sketchup Web (free)

Thanks! Hope it is as easy as it sounds!



You know your students. :smiley:


Is there a way to add an entire folder to the components panel and keep everything in the folder? If we go through the Insert function they don’t see thumbnails of the files so can’t tell what they look like. I have over 1,000 components so need to keep them organized.


I don’t believe at this time there’s anyway to do the same sort of thing as adding a local collection to favorites with the desktop version of SketchUp. You could add the folder or sync a folder to Trimble Connect to access that way. Then the student would click on the Trimble Connect icon to the left of the computer icon in the Insert File dialog. Then there’d be thumbnails for them.


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