How to share a component with students

For a project there are certain parts that I want all students to use without modifying. Is there an easy way to share these? I’m hoping to avoid the warehouse because I find it to be a giant distraction!

I thought about creating them in a file and then sharing on google drive, but then is there an easy way for students to import what they need?


They should be able to drag and drop the component straight into their model.

Sorry if I’m being slow, but drag and drop it from where? If they have one file with their model and another with the component how would be be in both at the same time?


If they have access to the .skp files in a folder, they can open the folder and drag the file into the model space in SketchUp.

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Unless they are using the web version, then they would probably need to use insert from the Folder Icon menu.

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Awesome, thanks so much!!