Share Components with Co-Workers

Hi all,

I’ve finally created a “collection” or set of components for use in warehouses. I say “collection” because it’s not actually a SketchUp collection as I have not figured that out yet. However they are all organized and saved on my local drive;


If I have a co-worker who wants to use all these, what’s the best way to get that working??? I did a search or two around here and couldn’t find much.

A few models link to textures as well, so I’m sure I’ll have to send that as well.


First, how do you import the models/components? With file>Import?

Here is another approach: In the component tray, click on the blue details icon and choose ‘Open or create a collection’
Then select the (main) folder, click again on that blue icon and choose ‘add to favorites’
The same approach goes for your co worker as well! He only needs access to the folder.

Two stand alone computers (not connected):
Copy the entire folder (with all the sub-folders in it) to an USB- drive and give it to your coworker.

Connected computers (by LAN)
Set the folder options of the main folder to ‘share’ and make sure the computers ‘see’ each other.

I actually just sent all the files via DropBox, I overthought this one…

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