The easiest way of utilizing component collections

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We are commercial plumbers, that use skp for designing plumbing systems (this like this: Commercial Heat pump fired Hot water system plug and play )

Currently in the process of setting up a library of components that we use at work (aka valves etc.). as you can imagine this means i have various sizes of the same thing,and obviously i need these to be importable/ addable to the main model im creating. the easiest way i can think of doing this is to create a component collection and have them importable from there.

to have this function properly do i need to have every single model (aka lets say a 1" brass valve) in a separate file? or can i keep it like it is at the moment were i have the entire range (aka from 1/2" brass valve up to 2) in one skp file.

I am ok with having each item in its separate file if i have to, as i do have open each model to utilize the new snaping tool, and clean them up a little, its just this will mean i will end up with a lot of separate models and a heap of work!

Hopefully that make sense!

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If you create a single file with all of the valves in it, when you bring it in as a component you’ll get every component in the model. If you save each valves as a separate component in a collection you can bring in just the one you need without bloating your project file with half a dozen unneeded valves.

When you’re making your components, set their origins and axes such that they will be easy to insert and, if needed, replace when you are using them.

Right ok. i did wonder if that would be the case and that does make sense. just a heap more work for me!

It doesn’t need to be a heap more work. If each valve is a component and you already have them in combined in a single file, go into the In Model components, click on the Details button and choose Save Collection as … Create a “Valves” folder and select it.
Screenshot - 6_19_2024 , 5_22_25 PM
You can always add to that collection later if you need to as well.

FWIW these are a few of the cabinet door and drawer pulls I’ve made over the years. Whenever I have a need for a new pull I model it and save it into the collection. I didn’t just sit down and model every drawer pull I could think of.

Also, the thing about setting the component’s origin. All of these components have the same relative location for the origin and axes. When I need to insert one into a model I can drop it at the center of its location by dragging it in from the Components panel. And if I want to exchange one style for another, that’s a matter of selecting the existing ones, right clicking on the replacement component in the Components panel and clicking on Replace Selected.

I have similar collections for hinge, catches, and other hardware elements I often need.

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uuuuuuumummmmm don’t ask me how… but some how it made my model look like this lol.

instead of:

What did you do to make it look like that? Can you share the .skp file of all the valves?

i don’t know to be honest! its ok, i just closed it and reopened it, and it’s now fine. must have somehow splintered something

Weird …

I’ve been using 3skeng for SketchUp - Download 3skeng

I use mainly the piping tool “3skeng Pipe 2024 Tool” for piping and round ductwork.

They also have other tools from steelwork to channel to “Libraries for 3skeng pipe tool detail”

You may want to check it out and they also offer free trials.

Hope it helps’
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The screenshot shows that 3Skeng is already installed

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yes we do currently use 3skeng. its just both they don’t offer all that we need and each library is horrendously expensive! as a company we would rather upgrade from sketchup to a better program than spend the money we would need to do to get all that we use from 3skeng.

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We use Component Finder from Flextools for exactly this purpose. Couldn’t live without it.