Import single component from other SKP file without open that file?


Is there any extension or tool to browse component inside other SKP file and just import it.

Problem > I found myself spend a lot of time to open many SKP files, just to copy component I would like to reuse. As you know SKP take so long time to open large file. Sometime I just need single component from that file and need to wait the whole model to be loaded.

Solution Idea
1 Example from this cool feature from 3D Warehouse. We can just import material inside this file without fully download the whole model. This is very helpful

  1. Is there any possibility to do the same with component from SKP file ? or if any develop can create this tool. This feature can help users improve productivity a lot.

  2. I try ComponentFinder previous. It work well when we organize each component to individual file for future reuse. I just too lazy to create my own library.

  1. In Blender, there is “Append” which work exactly for feature I am looking for.

  2. If there is no choice, I may try to upload asset to 3D warehouse. It is just take time to do…

Can you share you way, how you organize your assets ?

Thank you.

I use the native method of creating local collections for my components in the same way I make local collections for materials. If I create a new component that I might use in the future I either add it to an existing collection or, if I don’t already have a suitable category, make a new collection to put it in. Much easier than trying to remember what model I used that component in.

Also, when I create components I will reuse, I make sure to set the component axes to make insertion straightforward and simple.

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What I read in @DaveR 's anwer is: invest a little time now to save a lot of time later…


Hi Dave,
Thanks for sharing your method. Because I am not so organize person I always open old projects I create component and copy and paste to project I currently work. Maybe you are right spend a bit time to create local library for reuse may easier than remember project name. Actually many time I also open wrong project file to get component I want. I will consider changing my practice. :slight_smile:

Anyway, append component from other file feature should be still very helpful. Let see if anyone can make it.

haha, yes I can read the same XD

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Some of the components in my collections were made more than a decade ago but they are still quick and easy to find because the collections are organized.

Question: If someone was able to write an extension to do what you propose, what information would you expect to provide so a search would turn up the component you want?

I have several thousand .skp files on my computer spread out over three drives. Many of them are in folders based on client and project. A search of all the.skp files for a single component, the exact name of which I’d be hard pressed to remember, would be quite slow. On the other hand, knowing I’m looking for a vise component for a workbench, I can open my Vises collection and pick out the one I want.

A little effort and organization on the front end will save you much more time than the extension you suggest. And you can start using it right now. No waiting for an extension to be written.

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Hmm, I understand your point. Here is problem that make me ask for this tool.

  1. No thumbnail preview for old SKP file.
    Once I have tried to create my library. Separate each model to individual file after I move it to my cloud drive. There is no thumbnail to see, so I cannot remember item name and may have to try to import it one by one.

  1. Instead of component to individual file. Sometime it might be useful to put the many components in same category together in one file. For example I may put all electronic parts like plug, switch, connect group them together to collection file. Then we I need to use I just browser component inside this collection file.

Or you may suggest the best practice is to create one file for one component and store it in collection folder ?

@DaveR I can show you another useful case that will helpful.

Many times I just want some specific components for large scene like this sample.
It should be nice if I can browse want I need to download instead of download all heavy model and delete. Like how I can get material from 3D warehouse. This feature is very useful.


I’m suggesting that you create local collections using the Components panel. Create collections in categories to organize the components so you can find them. One of my large collections is for hardware. In that folder I have subfolders for things like screws, bolts, nuts, hinges, latches, kobs, pulls, etc. When I need a hinge component I know to look in Hardware>Hinges. If I don’t have the one I need I’ll either modify an existing one or create a new one from scratch and either way save that to the Hinges collection. All of the collections are accessed through the Components panel.


You are in charge of the collections you make. Your components can be as simple or complex as you want.

Oh, Thank you a tip. I never use collection in side component tab before. (I never keep component tab open, just know it may more helpful) I will start to learn how to use it.
Thanks. today I learn new thing from you again !

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Downloading ‘nested’ Components from a model in the 3D Warehouse isn’t available anymore.
One would have to upload each component from such a model to the 3D Warehouse individually, btw.
No one bothered to do that.

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@DaveR After 3 months from your reply. I just have time to learn how to use collection.
I started using SKP since version 7, I can say my most regret is not learn how to use it from the early day. Your suggestion will completely change my workflow. No more open file > copy & paste components to new file. This way can save so much time !!! Thank you so much for your suggest.

PS, If I can create keyboard shortcut to save component to collection that will be even better.
Right click is not take so much time but keyboard is a lot better for regularly use command.

Things that appear in the context menu need to be ‘active’ when you set them as a shortcut. So select a component then go to Window/Preferences/Shortcuts and you will find the relevant item available.

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Hi @Box , Thanks a lot !
I just know I have to select component first to be able to see this command.
Perfect ! Thanks for helping again.

BTW, I currently have more than 100 shortcuts already. Very hard to find keyboard button to press anymore. Do you have the same problem ? I am thinking maybe I need to use pie menu soon.

I have just over 50 including the defaults.

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I prefer to drag and drop components into their collections in the components panel. No keyboard shortcut required (Sounds like you have too many shortcuts already) and no need to open the File Explorer.