How to open the component skp file?

I will greet you all.

Is there a way to open an imported or a chosen component skp file from within the current model?
I mean, not double click and editing, but get the original skp file loaded.

I have for example and illustration, a Site.skp file within there a Terrein, Building and Garage components.
I would like to open the component.skp file.

Is there a way to do that?
If posable, by using Ruby, to add a menu item inside the contextual menu from a component?
If not there, then anywhere else for that matter?

I will thank you.

Just right click on the component and choose Save as… Save it. Then open it in SketchUp. No need for a plugin.

Hi dave, thank you for your reply.
I know that, but that was not the question.
I have many, twenty plus, components already made and imported. Some are almost the same but with little different details. I don’t want to search for it.

What’s the problem, then? Did you give the components useful names so you can select them from Outliner? If you want to edit a component, what’s wrong with editing it within the current model?

There is a very old plugin that may or may not work in the current version, and won’t be updated as the author has moved on to a higher model space.

For all intents and purposes editing the component is you editing the SKP file.

However it’s always contained within your main project file.
As DavrR says, you can export it out and open it in another sketchup instance if you wish, but you would still need to reload it inside of your main file to see any changes.

Thank you Box

I did download it right away. Hope it still works.

Anyway what do you mean by “has moved on to a higher model space.”

He died some years back.

Apologie’s about that. Didn’t know. RIP.

@Elmtec-Adam. I know that.

No need to apologies, my comment was a bit too subtle even for a native English speaker.

So far as I can see it doesn’t work, looking at the code my guess for now is the non writing privileges for the Tmp folder on the Mac. There are some comments I saw in the plugin description comments, will read that in the weekend and compare it with other writing methodes in other plugin’s. Maybe…

You could ask at sketchucation and perhaps Tig will update it for you or help you update it depending on the licensing.
There may also be a newer option.

@Box I will ask there, because he will know much more than me.

Hope not to be brutal.

@TIG As a reference comment - You know for sure much more than me. Do you have any insight about this?

Huh funny, it did saves a file with a copy of the component somewhere in a system private folder ( there are now 14 skp files in there ), but SU did not open that file, but just once.

SU podium comes with a built in extension ‘Edit in Place’.
Not sure if it is still available out there as a standalone extension.
Maybe in the the German archive @SketchUp3D_de ?

nope, SU only.

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You beat me to it, but I was looking it up. It comes with SU Podium, but they seem to offer it as a free plugin as well.

See this list:

And this page:

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Thats so Cool, Editing in Place like a spring breeze.

Thank you.

Would like to confirm that this plugin works fine on latest and greatest (Windows Version). Honoluludesktop(RIP) may rest in peace knowing that his creation has stood the test of times.