Editing Components Outside Of SketchUp

Hi everyone,

I have quite a big project where I have multiple products each containing information such as dimensions, prices and descriptions.

What I see causing such a slowdown in my work is having to load every single component one at a time in order to edit its Entity info. Such an incredibly slow way when you have mountains of products.

I was wondering whether there’s a way to edit a component’s attributes outside of SketchUp?

Does anyone have any advice or a solution to this problem?

Many thanks

A component is effectively a SketchUp model contained within a larger model, and is literally saved as a skp file when you save it separately. Since the skp file format is proprietary binary, there is no way to read or edit a skp except in SketchUp. However, you might be able to find or get someone to write an extension that would cycle through a collection of saved components and make bulk changes to them. It would still be one by one, but you could launch the extension and walk away while it works.

I understand there is a SDK available for the not faint-hearted.

Yes, there is the SketchUp C SDK that might be suitable. I have no experience with it, so I’m not sure what it is capable of doing. And, of course, one needs a C programmer.

Hi slbaugmgartner.

Yes, I was hoping for a resolution like this. Such an extension probably wouldn’t be made as it’s incredibly specific but here’s hoping!


SDK hey…

I’d love to get to that kind of level. I often find I just want results and as I’m sure we all do. C programming sounds fun and extremely useful. I’d love to have that kind of skill.