Adding own components for use in Sketchup for Schools

I’m hoping this has changed since I last asked quite some time ago. I do not want my students using the 3D Warehouse. There is so much unusable stuff and they will spend too much time scrolling through to find what they need. When we were on the Desktop version I was able to add a set of my own components in the Sketchup 2015 folder on their hard drives. I would like to be able to use these again. What would be the best way for students to access these? Is there some place to upload them in the 3D Warehouse where I would have my own folder?

You could still add the components in a folder on their hard drive for them to use. Instruct them to go to Insert and choose Your computer. After they select the .skp file they click on Insert as component and place it where they want.
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Thanks for the quick reply. They are working remotely on Chromebooks. I am able to share my components with their Google Drives but they can’t view them within Drive. They would need to keep inserting components and deleting them until they found what they wanted. At least I haven’t found a way for them to view the thumbnail on their Drive.

I don’t know that the thumbnails would be available using that storage method. I wonder if you could give them the components in a project folder that could be accessed through their Trimble Connect account. In SU Shop, for example, it’s possible to add people to a project such that any of them could access the files in the project. I don’t have access to SketchUp for Schools so I don’t know what might be available for you in that realm. I wonder if @Mark would have any insight.

Following on from Dave, you can open a folder from the explorer that has the thumbnail view on, then drag and drop rather that opening a folder on the application.

I tested it out and I can share to students’ Google Drives. The problem is that they can’t view the thumbnail of the component on their Drive. Makes it hard to find what they need, even though I have them in categories and subcategories.

Yes. Unfortunately Google Drive isn’t able to show thumbnails of the SketchUp. You might make screen shots of the files on your computer showing the thumbnails so they can look at them to see what they want.

I thought about that. It’s better than taking a stab in the dark. Thanks.

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