3D Warehouse Problem 11/8/19


I am a teacher at a middle school and we are currently using Sketchup Make 2017. With the new update requiring a sign in for the 3D warehouse it makes it much more difficult having to use the component tray. We are not yet a google school and they do not have emails to use either. Is there a workaround to this new feature or not?


Kevin Martin

Possible workarounds:

  • Is there a way for them log into 3D Warehouse with a standard browser, download from there, and come back to SU to use the locally saved downloads?
  • If they can’t individually, can you do so and then share your downloads with the class?

Our school is a Google school, but I’ve used a shared G-Drive folder for the class with the components the students would need for an assignment.

I think the browser option wouldn’t help, if they don’t have any email address to use.

One option is to use the Components panel, find what you want, but then make sure to click on the thumbnail. Clicking on the text link will force you to sign in, but clicking the thumbnail immediately loads the model, without having to sign in.


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I’m well aware that the components tray still works but it makes it vastly more difficult and time consuming for the students to use if they want to see the quick info on the component.

One of the views in the Components panel is Details. That shows the description text as well as the thumbnail, though a lot of people seem to not write much in there.