Need to add additional components to Sketchup 2015

I have been using Sketchup 7 in our school lab for the last couple of years. I don’t like students to download components from the warehouse because they spend too much time looking for random things that have nothing to do with their project. When I first started using Sketchup I found some great tutorials and folders of components that I was able to download and then install on students’ computers by putting the files in ~Library>Application Support>Google Sketchup 7>Sketchup (we are on Macs with Maverick). We just upgraded to Sketchup 2015 over winter break so I need to reinstall these components. I followed the same path as before except for going to the Sketchup 2015 folder instead of Sketchup 7. However, the components are not showing up in Sketchup. Does anyone know where I would put the folders of components for Sketchup 2015? Thanks.

drop the google and change the version number…
~Library>Application Support>Sketchup 2015>Sketchup

you may need to add the folder + contents on clean/fresh install…

EDIT, after steve pointed out my omission of 20…


That should be

~Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp

Also be aware that the spaces in the path can mess things up under some circumstances such as shell commands. In that case, need to escape them with a preceding backslash \

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