2023 Sketchup folder gone after updating to sketchup 2024....anyone else seen this?

I updated to Sketchup Pro 2024 today and when going to insert components in a new model, and seeing nothing in the components menu, went to look for 2023 folders to copy and paste components from SUP 2023 to SUP 2024, but there is no 2023 folder. I see 2022 and 2024, but not 2023. Anyone experience this?

No. I hvan’t seen this. Where are you looking for these folders? Do you have SketchUp 2023 installed? Where is it looking for your components?

I had Sketchup 2023 installed, but when I look to find the folder, it is not there. Only see 2022 and 2024.
users/name/Appdata/roaming/sketchup/ is where i’ve been looking and where I thought I had saved items in previous versions
in the application lists it also only shows 2022 and 2024 and in programs folder only shows 2022 and 2024.

SketchUp 2023 wouldn’t be automatically uninstalled when you installed 2024. If SketchUp 2023 was installed and you didn’t uninstall it, it should still be there.

that is my line of thinking too, as I remember 2022 being there after I upgraded to 2023, but when I look now, I cannot find it. Do you happen to know if there is a different path I should be following to find the folder for Windows11?

The applications should all be in the same general path. The default components folder should be in the same general location, too, under User/App Data/Roaming/ …
Screenshot - 4_22_2024 , 4_57_53 PM

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this is what i see when I follow that path

Look at AppData/Local/SketchUp/ Is there any reference to SketchUP 2023 there?

The folders in User/App Data are not touch by installing or uninstalling the program. That’s part of the reason they are located where they are. If you didn’t do something to remove those folders and they were present, they would still bre present. Based just on your screenshot it would appear that you didn’t install SketchUp 2023 at all.

there is a reference to 2022 & 2024, but the folders contents are incomplete, no layout folder, no sketchup folder, style builder, etc…even when I go into 2022, following the other path after “roaming”, the files look like they were just installed without any customizations on my part. I have been using sketchup for at least 3 years with many components, materials and a few added plugins, 2022 is missing all of those. I don’t get it. is there possibly a check box during installation that i missed or clicked that deleted previous versions?

There is nothing in the SketchUP installer that you could have clicked that would have deleted the previous version.

The Roaming folder is the default location for Components, Materials, etc. I only asked you to look in the other folder to see if there were any references to SketchUp 2023 there.

so i just went into my file history on my external hard drive and this is what is has for sketchup 2022 in the components folder

Ok. So you can copy those components folders and paste them into the equivalent location for SketchUp 2024.

yes, you are correct. I will do that, should have thought of that first. still a bit confused on the 2023 but I will copy and paste from 2022 and fill in where needed. Thank you very much or walking through that with me as I might not have gone to file history otherwise!
thank you for your time today!

Good luck.

As I wrote, the only way for the User/AppData/SketchUp folders to get deleted requires your intentional action. They cannot be deleted by installing a newer version. If there’s no sign of SketchUP 2023 you would have to have deleted them or they were never there in the first place. Last week I finally got around to removing those folders for SketchUp versions all the way back to 2015 because I needed to make room on my drive.

thanks again. I still think it’s strange, especially when the file history shows a sketchup 2023 folder in there, even if incomplete. after using the 2022 folder to update 2024, i have almost all of my items restored, so now i’ll spend some time learning new features of the 2024 version!
I’m sure down the road, I’ll need to remove some of those sketchup items myself, but no need quite yet.