How to save/export a component in Web App?

How can I export/save a component in the web version of Sketchup?
Whenever I right click the component, whether in the 3D space or in the list on the right, there is nothing about saving or exporting.

You can’t…yet.
It is on the FR list

For now you could Copy, New, Paste, Save, Download.

A faster solution is: select what you want to export, command-shift-i (or ctrl-shift-i perhaps for Windows and Chromebook), Delete, Download, Undo.

Try SketchUp Make. Also free, and has the export component feature.

I’m sure somebody somewhere has presented a comparison between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Make. It might be worth looking for. My vague understanding is that SketchUp Free is a somewhat scaled back version of SketchUp Make.