Export / Download .STL - selection only | Web edition Free

My apologies if this has already been asked and answered:

TL, DR; Possible to export just selected objects to .STL in free web edition?

I build relatively complex models that are 3D printed, and have always relied on using Components to separate the 3D printed parts, and assemble them virtually. Sketchup has always been great for that. I used to do this just fine in the desktop edition, but in the web edition, which I have fully moved over to using, I find it quite cumbersome that I cannot seem to just export the selected Component to .STL. The only work-around I’ve found is to save the model, Copy the component I want to print, create a New project, paste it in there, then I can go to Download… STL… and get the expected .STL file. then close the project, (dont save) and re-open my original project with all the components.

It would be awesome to have the old “export selection” option, or a right-click on a component and a “download” context menu in there.

hm … this is not a solution, but until it gets better it might help speed up the workflow a bit. (if you didn’t already know it):
After you create a New project, paste it…
You can use the “Search Command” (and even assign a shortcut to it):

Thanks! I didnt know you could assign a custom shortcut in that way, so that does help reduce a couple extra mouse-clicks in the workflow. It kills me that we cannot export selection :frowning: