Export stl file in sketchup free

Hello, I’m trying out sketchup free and am trying to figure out how to export an stl file for 3d printing? I can’t find an option for this.


Did you try clicking on the file folder icon and selecting Download>.STL file?

Thanks DaveR, that does seem to work, except it downloads the entire model into an STL file. Do you know if there is a way to pick a particular component or group in the model instead of all the parts in the model?

thanks again

There isn’t a way to export a specific component or group as an STL. Save the file, delete what you don’t want and purge the unused components. Save as a new file name so you don’t risk damaging the original. Then export the file of the remaining component.

Well that’s a pain. :slight_smile: I’ll stick with sketchup make. If they want people to transition to sketchup free they need to make sure it has the same capabilities.


New features are being added all the time to SketchUp Free.

Since you’re working with 3D, use MeshMixer to slice and discard the parts you don’t want. When you separate the shells, make sure you retain the one(s) you want.

I’m actually having a similar problem…

  • Using Sketchup Free from the Web
  • Windows 10
  • Chrome Version 65.0.3325.162 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I created my first little 3d model, and am trying to get the .stl so that I can slice it up.

I’ve tried hitting the folder icon, then select ‘Download’ and then selected .stl.

I get a slightly greyed out screen with a spinning blue wheel… and then… nothing…

I’ve searched my PC for .stl files with no luck

Help me ObiWan, you’re my only hope.

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