Export STL for a grouped object (Changed in SU 2021?)

I am wondering if something has changed in SU 2021 relating to exporting to STL files…

It used to be (SU 2020) that I could select a group and then use Export to STL with the "Export only current selection’’ option and I would get an export of that group in the STL.

Now, it seems that I need to open up the group and then “Select All” to create an STL with everything in that group.

If I just select the group (without opening it) and then export top an STL (also with the “Export only current selection”) I will get no output file…nothing will be exported.

It’s a minor but frustrating hassle to need to click into a group and the select all in order to create the STL file of the part that I need.

Is this change for some good reason, or is it intentional, or am I doing it in a way harder then it needs to be?

(I group parts of a model to be 3D printed in groups so that they don’t have their sides merge into each other. I put the groups onto separate layers (tags) so I can turn them on and off individually.)

There have been a few threads on this already. The Export only current selection option doesn’t work in the web versions. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in a maintenance release. In the meantime you can copy the object to a new file and export it from there.

There are two issues, the one Dave mentioned, but also another one where if the selected objects are not all on the active tag, the export fails. Either make that tag be the active one for a moment, or put the objects onto Untagged, and then try.

  1. I am not using the web version, I am using the Pro version of Sketchup.

  2. The tag is active, the objects are in untagged and the group is tagged with the layer, which is active.