Exporting STL File of Selected Group and/or Component

It might be useful to have the ability to export as a STL file a single (selected) Group (or perhaps Component). Here’s why:

When using SketchUp to design parts for 3D printing, a common workflow is to export the part to be printed as a STL file … which is then imported into a Slicer (app/program) … which then exports a g-code file that can be loaded into a 3d printer … for printing.

If the “thing” being designed is at all complex it may well consistent of multiple “parts” … which will all be “in” the same SketchUp SKP model. But the slicer requires that each “part” be a unique STL file.

As far as I know, currently the only option is to “Export” to STL which creates a STL file of the entire SKP model. To create the STL file of any one Group requires that it be first saved as its own SKP file. This becomes a bit tedious when the “thing” consists of dozens of individual “parts.”

Thus, it would be handy to be able to Export a STL file of a selected Group (or Groups).

Is this possible today? Am I missing something? Is there an Extension that provides this utility?

That feature is already available right at the top of the Export options dialog.
Screenshot - 6_11_2024 , 2_21_59 PM

From an earlier thread:

Two components selected in the model before export.

The resulting .stl as seen in the slicer.
Screenshot - 6_11_2024 , 11_32_09 AM


Dave was faster. so yeah, simply select your groups / components before export.

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Great! Just what I was looking for … Thank you!

Obviously I was clueless about the “Options.”

And yet another example of how/why the forum is so useful/helpful.