Save selection as STL

I have a big Sketchup file, with many groups & components.
I wanted to save a group as STL, but when I click on Download -> STL, it saves the entire SKP file as STL.

So my solution was to select all, de-select the group I want to export, delete everything else, save to STL, then undo the delete.

Can we have it to save to STL only what is selected? and if nothing is selected, then export the entire SKP file…

Why not make a component instead of a group and save it out so you can handle it on its own?

The whole point of having everything in one sketchup file is to make sure that every group/component fits together into each other.

You can still do that.

Maybe you can elaborate on that? If my component is in it’s own SKP file, then to verify that it fits with the rest I will have to import it back into the big SKP file. Then go back for changes, and so on… I don’t think that is a very good idea.

Having everything in one SKP file is much easier for me

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