Export STL in future releases?!

Web SketchUp is quite neat hence I use SketchUp for quick and simple designs. Makes my life so much easier.
(lack of keyboard shortcuts for tool selection is a bit annoying though)

But biggest disadvantage in my case is that I still need to fire up SketchUp desktop version to export my design as STL for 3D printing purposes.

That would be very nice feature to have.


They work like in the desktop version!?

From here and here:

Currently, my.SketchUp is being developed and beta tested. That means the software works well enough for you to use, but we’re still creating functionality and fine-tuning existing features.

Extensions: Extensions are Ruby scripts that add functionality to SketchUp. In my.SketchUp, extensions currently aren’t available. Because dynamic components and Sandbox tools both rely on Ruby, these features aren’t currently available in my.SketchUp either. After my.SketchUp offers the core functionality of SketchUp, we’ll work on adding Ruby-based features.

Unfortunately they do not. I’m on Mac and using Chrome. Cmd + D which is used to select tape measure for example adds SketchUp web to my bookmarks instead of selecting a tool.

But maybe it’s worth considering to add STL export as default stock feature instead of a plugin.
I know quite a lot of people using SketchUp for 3D print modeling and STL export would be highly apreaciated.

Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts in my.SketchUp must compete with keyboard shortcuts claimed by your web browser itself.

We have implemented most of SketchUp’s single-tap keyboard shortcuts, which are more likely to work than the OS specific variants that include either CTRL or CMD keys. Ultimately, a customizable keyboard shortcut system may be the best answer, but we haven’t implemented that yet.


We haven’t implemented any 3D model import or export functions. STL is the most frequently asked-for exporter at this time, and it does have a workaround available to you while we’re working on implementing a more comprehensive system.

If you’re willing to share your model to 3D Warehouse, you can tick the “Printable” check box on upload to get 3D Warehouse to generate an STL file for you.


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Have bookmarked this for future refference !