Copying drawings from one sketch up model to another sketch up model

can’t copy sketch up drawing from one sketch up drawing to another

Sure you can. Select the entities in the first SKP file and hit Edit>Copy. Go to the other file and choose Edit>Paste or Edit>Paste in Place.

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thanks Dave i will have a go and let you know how i get on

I use that process with Paste in Place frequently so I’m confident it works.

selected the model then went to edit copy the to other skp page tried paste in place and paste no joy.
but if i draw a line and on this page i can copy and paste the otherway ?

Can you share the model file? It shouldn’t matter which way you copy and paste.

Also, you don’t need to Paste in Place unless you want the copy at the same location in the target file. You can just use Paste and put it wherever you want. You’d be smart to get into the habit of using hot keys for copy and paste–Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste. These are standard Windows hot keys that work in all apps.

You can also simply import one model into another. You can also use the Component browser to save a component to a library and then to bring it into one or more other models.