Importing another part of SketchUp model into another model

I erased the top floor of a house model by mistake in my current drawing. I saved an earlier drawing as Existing house and then made a new file for the Proposed with alterations. Can I import the top floor from the original Existing drawing (saved as a Group) into the current Proposed one so I don’t have to draw it up again and if so how do I do it? I don’t want the whole drawing!

Yes you can copy it. Select it in one SketchUp instance (Win) or document frame (Mac) Edit > Copy, switch to the other model, Edit > Paste In Place


Dan Thank you. It worked and I leaned another useful trick!

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I have assigned Ctrl+Shift+V as shortcut to paste in place and use it more frequently than normal Paste. This is a very useful feature!


Thank you that is a great tip -I will do it too.

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