How to transfer a layered model from one instance to another

Hi all, I am trying, thus far unsuccessfully, to copy/paste a multi-layered model from one instance of sketchup to another. I have successfuly copy/ pasted the model, but when I attempt to add anything to the second instance, the copy/pasted model disappears. :worried: What am I doing that I shouldn’t or what am I not doing that I should? Any assistance would be deeply appreciated. Cheers.

I have no trouble copying objects from two layers and pasting them into a new scene (in a second instance of SketchUp), the extra layer gets created, and I can go on to add new things ok.

Are you able to do a screen recording of it going wrong, in case there’s particular action you’re doing that could explain things?

I see you use Windows 7, and I was testing with Windows 10, but I don’t think that should make a difference.

Obviously, that question is impossible to answer, since you haven’t told us what you are doing. Also, I wonder why you specifically mentioned that the model has layers in the title but then made no further mention of layers in the body of the post. Does the issue involve layers?

I have personally copied/pasted between open instances of SU running under Windows many times, and the pasted object has never disappeared.

Please tell us in excruciating detail exactly how you are doing the copy/paste.