Problems copy & paste Information between SketchUp models

I am having problems coping & pasting information (like site plan) from one sketchUp model to the other. I have sketch 2019. I tried many different ways to copy paste different layers, but nothing.
-Command+C & Command V
-I restarted my Mac twice.

I can’t think of anything else. Please help.

⌘A >> ⌘C >> ⌘N >> ⇧⌘V

select all > copy > new > paste in place

skip ⌘N if you actually click on a second SU document…


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John thank you for your time. It’s not working.

Can you share the .skp files you are copying from and too?

Hi Dave,
Nice to talk to you again. Below are my files. I am trying to copy the pitched roof layer from new pollock into the Pollock2.0

new pollock .skp (185.1 KB) Pollock 2.0 copy.skp (561.2 KB)

Hi Melina. It’s been awhile.

Have you tried copying from the one file and then Paste in place in the other file?

BTW, I sent you a pm.

If copy and paste is troublesome for you, you could make the roof a component (if it isn’t already) and then context click it and “save as” a discreet Sketch-up file which you can then import into your other model.

Happy to know you’ve got it sorted out.

Thank you everyone for the help. It got resolved.

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