Problems copy & paste Information between SketchUp models

Update: I’ve determined this issue happens only if the Skatter extension is enabled, in SU 2020. I’m using the current latest version of Skatter, 1.4.12. Next I’ll contact the folks at Lindalë, to make them aware of this issue with Skatter. I’m not sure if it’s a Skatter bug or Sketchup bug, since it didn’t happen in SU 2019, but also doesn’t happen if Skatter is not enabled.

Here’s the bug report topic I’ve created on the Skatter forum:

Here’s an example of steps that creates the issue:

  1. Create New model (I used the standard Architectural Inches template)
  2. Create a cube (draw rect, push/pull to make cube)
  3. Select it and group it
  4. Copy
  5. Create a second New model
  6. Paste

Nothing happens.

If you use Paste in Place for step 6, it works.
Also, if it’s not a group (skip step 3), it also works.

Expensive morning for me so far, but I also see no paste with Skatter in place.

I tested with 2018, 2019, and 2020, and the problem occurs in all of them.

To rule out anything odd in the box you draw yourself, these steps work too:

  1. Open a new documents that has a scale figure in any version of SketchUp.
  2. Right-click Explode the scale figure.
  3. Right-click Make Group.
  4. Copy, New, Paste.

It is not working for me. I found it can paste in new empty model, not be able to paste in my working model.

Please don’t double post.

Hi, I am having issues with copy and paste of groups/components from one model to another which I have been always doing and it was working. Recently, some groups, some components WILL NOT paste - they only show up as empty blue outline group box (and there is nothing there - no hidden object nor hidden geometry)… Some of the components if I break down to the group elements - then they will paste but not as a component anymore which is a big problem. But some other components paste just fine…
Any idea what and why is this happening all of a sudden?

Can you share a couple of files? One with the component you are copying and one you have pasted the component into? I expect there’s an simple solution but seeing what you are working with will make it easier to tell you what it is.

ok, I will try to upload both. I just tested it again - and it is not copying and pasting…

I can’t seem to be able to upload - there is always an error message…

here is a screen shot of the group that I am trying to copy and in the other window is how it pastes…

Probably due to file size. Upload them to Drop Box and share the link.

did you get to open the two models?

do you have any suggestions? Interestingly, when I copy and paste in the original model - it pastes just fine - with all the groups and components. But once to be pasted in a new model - it doesn’t work…

I was waiting for you to reply to me but never saw a notification. Then your thread disappeared down the list. Your post a little bit ago brought it back to the top.

So when I open your “Jax_CBOC_test” file I see that you have the tag called ‘furn’ turned off.

When I turn that tag back on, the furniture appears.

Since that furniture has that tag assigned to it in the other file, it comes in using that tag when you paste it. If that tag already exists but its visibility is off, you won’t see the pasted content.

By the way, why is your model located so far from the origin? That can create problems for you.

I expect you imported a CAD file at some point. It would be a good idea to correct the tagging.

Screenshot - 12_11_2020 , 10_03_40 AM

And purge unused.
Screenshot - 12_11_2020 , 10_04_10 AM

Ahhhh!!! Did not think about the tag (layer) being turned off…sure enough - it worked now.
I did purge the model before I sent it - weird … regarding the origin - the real model is geo located so does that influence the origin?! I will check in to it an see if I can change that. Thank you for your help!

I expect the tags that got purged became unused after I corrected the incorrect tag usage.

It does. If the geolocation is needed, you should leave it alone but if it’s not, you should move the model close to the origin. In terms of your site, the 811 feet might not be huge but it can get to be a problem when your model components are small like the furniture. Sometimes you can see weird graphics anomalies when the distance is large compared to the size of the model.

Ok, got it. Yes, we do need the geolocation and yes, I know sometimes it causes these "weird "cut offs…I have noticed if the Camera/filed of view stays around 35, then it acts better.

I have been a Sketchup user since 2013 and never experienced a copy/ paste issue until recently. It may have begun with a component from the warehouse with an overdose of geometry, but even after purging the excessive components I am unable to copy and paste the base model to a new window/tab. No problems with any other models. This file will not copy and paste viewports into another page Layout either. Fortunately someone mentioned a work around of duplicating pages in Layout where I am able to select a new scene from the drop down menu. I have a 2017 iMac running Catalina with Sketchup pro 2021. This issue was so frustrating it drove me to clean install to Monterey. I had previously upgraded to Big Sur only to succumb to the Spacemouse horror show. After upgrading, this one file is still peculiar in its refusal to copy and paste in Sketch and Layout. I can still copy and past into the model, but only a few components can copy to new tab.

This is different from the original topic which involved copying and pasting between SketchUp models.

Can you share the LayOut file that is giving you the problem? Might be a simple fix.

Note you should not be copying between SketchUp and LayOut.

BTW, your profile is out of date. Please update that as the information helps us help you.

Thanks for the reply. I have updated profile!
I was unable to load the layout file so provided a link.
To clarify, there was no copying between Sketchup and Layout. I believe I had the same issue Sletchup as the original poster, with copying from one model another model tab.
The second link is to the original Sketchup file.