Copy/pasting objects & paste-in-place

Cut/Copy/Paste works, slowly, as I would expect, But paste-in-place does not, and I use that function a great deal in SketchUp to move objects from inside groups or components or into groups or components while retaining their world coordinates, There also doesn’t seem to be a way to copy and paste, or (better yet) paste-in-place between different open my.SketchUp models (in fact, that having two instances of my.SketchUp open in Chrome seems like a recipe for a black-screen crash, for at least one instance).

Am I missing something here?

Hi Lewis, hi folks.

With the Outliner, you can move groups and components around in the hierarchy of you model. The geometry shall not be affected.

As for pasting in place between different instances of SketchUp on Windows or different files on Mac, it seems to work well on my Mac.

After sending this I was told that this message concerns my.sketchup.

Of course my explanation is valid for the desktop version. I doubt that it works with my.sketchup since, so far, it doesn’t have the Outliner.

Sorry for the confusion, if any.

Best regards.


Right-click. Click copy-in-place icon.
I took me awhile to find it too.