Paste in place to new files

Does anyone know if it no longer is possible to Paste in Place from one model to a new one? This was a great feature earlier but now I find it doesn’t work in Sketchup 2023. What has happened, or is there some settring I have to readjust? It works within the same model, but that is not always what I want. Thanks for any tips.

Did a second update of SU2023 today and now it suddenly works again. False alarm, sorry.

There is a known issue with copying and pasting between SketchUp sessions. There is a work around to use until it is sorted by the developers. A search of the forum will turn up numerous posts on the topic.

Select something in the destination file and copy it. After that you can copy something in the source file and paste it into the destination file.

Interesting. Thanks for that tip and let us hope for a fix from the developers soon. Paste in place is essential to have working properly.

If by chance you had done the work around step Dave mentioned (which is, do any Copy action in the destination model), it may have appeared that the reinstall fixed things. It shouldn’t have done.

Once you have a paste working, it should continue to work until you close the destination instance of SketchUp.

I see. Thanks. So it is the workaround that does it then, no update good enough yet.

See my first reply to you.

No update that is good enough. I will come back and give an update as soon as I can.

The fix for the copy and paste problem is live now. Here’s the release notes.

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Thank you for quickly fixing this. It now works fine to paste in place again in the latest version.