Copy elements in a project to another

How do I copy a set of elements from one project into another in the same spot?
I read the guide from Feb '19, but the solution doesn’t work for my '23 version.


So [Edit]>[Paste in place] does not work in SU23?

At this moment i don’t have SU23 installed, so this sample was made with SU22, but should work the same? :thinking:

sketchup 22 copy&paste in place

If you are using 2023 windows version this will help you:


Thank you, this helped!

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Thank you, my paste options were greyed out since the program will think nothing is copied from the second file. As the next comment states it worked if I copied a random object in P2 and then copied the correct element in P1 and then I could paste in P2 as you show.

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