[BUG] SU 2023.1 // Impossible to Copy Past between SU instances


I’m always working with multiple SU instances running at the same time, and constantly copying elements from one to the other, with a basic ctrl+C / ctrl+V, and it has been working in SU since forever.

But today, I’ve upgraded from 2023 to 2023.1, and this feature seems to be gone completely, two instances of SU running side by side don’t seems to be sharing the clipboard anymore !

Is it a known bug (if yes, when will it be fixed ?) ? Is it a (stupid and useless) change of rules in the way SU behave, whithout any warning ?

Can anyone with 2023.1 try it, to see if it’s just me or a new general issue ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it’s a known bug, colin is giving the workaround here

it’s on PC only, hope they’ll fix it soon.

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Thanks a lot ateliernab. I’ll check that !

Glad I found this. Thought I was going mad.

@ateliernab’s work around worked. Cheers.

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