Sketchup model window doesn't paste in Layout


In Layout, my Sketchup model window will not paste. I am working with a large Sketchup model 432MB - I have copied items like furniture into a separate Sketchup file and placed them in the same Layout document, they copy/paste perfectly. I can duplicate pages but I need to create elevations on the same page. Please help.

So it’s the giant file whose viewport you can’t copy from one page to another? I expect you just need to wait. A 432 Mb file will take some time to copy and paste.

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Hi, Nope I Copy my machine works for about 10secs and then I try paste - on the same page or a different page. Nothing - I even tried cut, made it disappear but when I tried to paste nothing. :frowning:

How long did you wait for the Paste operation to complete?

I bet you could purge a bunch of unused stuff and reduce the size of the SketchUp file.

How do I do that?

In SketchUp, Window>Model Info>Statistics. Click on Purge Unused.

Grand - I am trying that now - thanks for your assistance.
In Skethc-up after I copy it lags fora bout 5scs.

So you are trying to copy from SketchUp to LayOut? Wrong procedure.

No, Sketch-up window in Layout - I purge it, The file is half the size - brilliant - great tip thanks - Now it copies and pastes - it must have been that the file was too big.

And you didn’t wait long enough. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted. Don’t let your models get morbidly obese like it sounds this file was.

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