Problem - copy and paste a scene in layout on another page

Problem - I send a scene from sketchup pro2022 to layout the first goes fine. Than I copy and paste that scene and paste it on another page it doesn’t paste anything. This doesn’t with all models and can figure what issue. It’s not the size of the file…. Any insight ?
When I export to lay out and I copy the first scene and layout and paste it on page 2 and well yeah it doesn’t it doesn’t paste anything it

Sketchup File

Layout File

Share the LayOut file so we can see what is happening. At a guess with no more to go on than your description is that there’s something on a layer over the one the pasted viewport is on.

Hi Dave, shared the links for the files, thanks

I was able to copy the viewport and paste it on the next page although due to the excessive SketchUp file size it took a little while. It wasn’t intantaneous.

I do see in your SketchUp file some incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 10_22_2022 , 3_29_19 PM

…some unused stuff…

Screenshot - 10_22_2022 , 3_29_38 PM

And a few extremely large material images. There’s no point in using images that are as large as those. The resolution will be lost.

What happens if you try duplicating the page? Does that work any faster?

Dave, how do you purge and is there material resizer plug in ?

You can purge unused stuff by going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and clicking Purge Unused. I use a plugin by TIG called Purge All, which is available from Sketchucation. I use it because it give the report I showed.

Yes. I use Material Resizer by the SketchUp Team. It’s availavle in the Extension Warehouse.