Problems copy & paste Information between SketchUp models

OK. I’m waiting for your files to open.

They’re huge so it’s not surprising you couldn’t upload them directly.

Thanks for looking into my issue.

You’re welcome.

Looking at your SketchUp file I see some incorrect tag usuage. That might have come from components from the 3DWH, though.
Screenshot - 3_23_2022 , 4_00_04 PM

There is some excessively obese components in your model. Over 23,000 entities in just the wire rack in this sink is crazy.

That kind of stuff not only bloats your SketchUp model but it also means it take a long time to copy a viewport and paste it to another page. It’s entirely possible that you are exceeding the memory alotted for copied stuff. I was able to copy the viewport on Page #p and paste it to Page #10 but it took awhile to copy it.

I would suggest that a SketchUp file of more than half a Gigabyte needs to be put on a crash diet. As it is, your model is very challenging for any computer to work with.

I would also suggest that you use groups or components for the wall geometry within your model.

All of this stuff has a trickle down effect on your LayOut project.

By the way, you might want to edit the post and remove the link to the LO file at least since it appears to contain some client info.

Roger that. Some components come with every nut and bolt. The outside grill was ridiculous too. The model really bogged down with the barrel tile roof, which I had to purge.

I had originally grouped the wall base layer. When I discovered I was having issues I tried to copy this group to a new model and was unsuccessful, so I exploded the group and attempted to copy small sections with varying success.

Thanks again.

Yes. This is a thing to deal with and thus the reason for the advice to import components from the 3DWH into a separate file so you can eliminate the stuff you don’t need. Nuts and bolts are fine if you are trying to build that grill from scratch. If you only need to indicate there is an outside grill on the patio, though, the hardware is fighting you all the way.

Below are a couple of screenshots of original model statistics prior to purging some components. I certainly met my match with this model!

I will heed this advice this day forward. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.

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