Can't bring up right click menu to create new components


using sketchup web on a Mac using firefox. Right click after selecting geometry only brings up four options (view image, save image as, select all, and inspect element). No options for make component ,etc. I can make a new component by pressing “G”…but its annoying i can’t see the darn right click options. Any advice? I tried safari…but safari won’t run cause it won’t save any of my files (gives an error).


Are you right clicking on the selected geometry?


Sounds like you are getting a browser context menu rather than SketchUp’s context menu. A screenshot would help to know for sure.

If that is the case, using another browser could solve the issue.


yes i am right clicking on the selected geometry. I can select the simple cube (for example) geometry…and then press G and it will go right ahead and pull up the make component menu for the item i selected. when i right click…just the browser context menu. strangely enough…sometimes i get the browser context menu over the sketchup menu. will try restart. Also tried using safari and it won’t save. I just get the “sorry we are having trouble looking up your models. Our team has been notified.” message.


Is there an update available for Firefox that you can install?