Can't bring up right click menu to create new components

using sketchup web on a Mac using firefox. Right click after selecting geometry only brings up four options (view image, save image as, select all, and inspect element). No options for make component ,etc. I can make a new component by pressing “G”…but its annoying i can’t see the darn right click options. Any advice? I tried safari…but safari won’t run cause it won’t save any of my files (gives an error).

Are you right clicking on the selected geometry?

Sounds like you are getting a browser context menu rather than SketchUp’s context menu. A screenshot would help to know for sure.

If that is the case, using another browser could solve the issue.

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yes i am right clicking on the selected geometry. I can select the simple cube (for example) geometry…and then press G and it will go right ahead and pull up the make component menu for the item i selected. when i right click…just the browser context menu. strangely enough…sometimes i get the browser context menu over the sketchup menu. will try restart. Also tried using safari and it won’t save. I just get the “sorry we are having trouble looking up your models. Our team has been notified.” message.

Is there an update available for Firefox that you can install?

i am facing the same issue now… any solution?

(i use Chrome)

I’m using Chrome and right clicking on the selection brings up the context menu for me. Is your copy of Chrome up to date?

Hi, I have the same problem and just checked Chrome - it’s up to date. Any suggestions? I’m using Windows.

What happens when you right click on selected geometry in SketchUp on Chrome?

Thanks for responding so quickly! Here’s what happens


I can’t tell from your screen shot what you have selected. It looks like maybe you have only selected an image. Try opening a new file. Draw a cube, select all of the geometry and right click on it. can you make a component then?

I did select an image. I’d like to save it as a component so I can delete it and use it elsewhere. Sounds like one can’t do this with images, only objects?

Explode the image so you have a face, edges and a texture. Then make that a component.

A component needs to contain some geometry.

That worked beautifully, but now the image itself is flickering and shows on both sides of the wall. Is there a way to make it more stable?

That’s called Z-fighting. Move the image component off the wall a bit so it’s not touching it directly.

I will try this in my next session. Thank you so much for the help.

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I am having a similar problem. Using a very simple part to show my issue. When I select the geometry and try to create a component, I get the menu in the attached screenshot. If I use the G hotkey, I can get the “create component” dialog. I have disabled all chrome extensions and I am using the latest version of Chrome. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this might be?

This looks as a browser’s default context menu. What browser are you using?

Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I was suspecting an outdated browser but this version is brand new. Maybe Sketchup doesn’t yet support it, or there is a regression in in.

The only thing I can recommend to get around the problem is to try another browser.