Context menu for component browser - does it exist in Web version

I cannot find any reference to my question although I have searched long for it.
I am using the Web version of Sketchup
I sometimes want to delete a component and all its instances.
I know I can delete each individual component INSTANCE (if I can find them all, which can be difficult) and then “PURGE” unused components.
BUT I have seen various forum references to a “right-click context menu” for the Component Browser, which is said to include a “delete” function for a component. I cannot get such a menu by right-clicking any component in the component browser. Right-clicking a component yields nothing at all. Is this because I am using the Web version?

The Web Free version has the ‘Select > All Instances’ option in the ‘right click context’ menu.
From there you can delete them all at once.

It only allows you to select all instances in the current drawing context! Nested (or higher) same instances will not be selected. See:

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Thank you for the prompt reply. But the second buttion on the right-side menu (the one you refer to as “structure”) appears to refer to “OUTLINER.” That is an extra cost feature not included in the Web version - or so I have always understood. Perhaps I am wrong in this regard.
The button on the right-side menu that I have been trying to use is the fifth button, the “COMPONENTS” menu. That button does not seem to allow a right-click for a context menu.

Thanks for the help. I see how your procedure works.
Just to close out this issue for me, can you tell me whether the Pro version does actually include a right-click context menu from within the Component Browser itself? Thanks.

Others may be able to tell you about the pro online version. Right now I only have the free web version available.

You can compare the number of instances selected in the current drawing context with the totall number of instances in your model. It shows in the first line in ‘EntityInfo’:

… just to see if you have missed one or two along the line.

Thanks. I didn’t know there was such a thing as “pro online.”
I marked your reply as “solution” because it is a web-version-friendly way to do what I need.

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