Components context menu "Delete" option grayed out

Software: SketchUp 2020, MacOS 10.15.7.

The context menu in the Components window invariably has the “Delete” context menu item grayed out. (If you right-click on a component, “Delete” is grayed out.) However, if I drag the component into the model and hit ESC (making the component disappear from the model) and then return to the context menu, “Delete” is no longer grayed out. This is true whether or not the component is actually used in the model. This seems to me a straight-up bug.

I find that if I highlight a component in the Component browser, I cannot R click and Delete it. As you report, Delete is greyed out.

However, if I hover over another component, without highlighting it, then R click Delete, it deletes the one I’m hovering over.

Bizarre, counterintuitive, but it seems to work. It’s been this way for ages, and I would agree with you it’s a bug.