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Ran into a problem when I renamed components to more real names. Now when I try to delete component # 123 for example which was renamed to “table top left” I do not see a “delete” when I right click on it???


Renamed components in modeling space get that new name (component definition). See what ‘Entity Info’ tells you when right clicking on a component.
Unused components (like # 123 if not present in modeling space anymore) can be deleted from the ‘In Model’ component’s library with ‘Purge Unused’ in the component’s window. Or in Preferences > Statistics > ‘Purge Unused’.

There’s a weirdness in the Component Browser which means that if you highlight a component, then R-click, Delete is greyed out.

To delete it from the Component Browser, highlight any other component, then R-click on the one you want to delete, choose Delete, and it’s gone. Bizarre, wrong, counterintuitive, bugged etc., but find it works for me.

You’ll get a warning if there are any copies of that component left in the model.

Purge unused will get rid of ALL unused components. That may not be what you want.

It’s behaving that way because behind the Components panel, hanging onto your cursor, is a new copy of that component, waiting for you to place it. If no components are selected, the Delete works too.

Thanks for the explanation, Colin. A design feature, then, not the bug I used to think it was.

Thank you all for the help

It’s one of those things that could be argued is not intuitive and should be changed. But then it could be argued that the way it is now is more often the way you want it to work. By that I mean when you are grabbing components from the browser it is nice to just click and it is attached to your cursor for placement, rather than having to click and drag it from the browser. The downside to this is when you want to edit, delete etc you get this problem and also have a component stuck on your cursor that you have to get rid of to move on. Personally I would rather that you had to drag them off and then they stick to your cursor, but that’s just me.

I agree. I understand that there needs to be a dual functionality, but this isn’t an unusual scenario in apps and I think SU chose the least intuitive approach. I can think of several ways I’d prefer— single click to highlight and enable contextual functions, and double click to grab it. Or if that doesn’t work, maybe right click could release the component from the cursor thereby freeing you to access the contextual functions. Or maybe something else—almost anything would be better than the way it is now. While they’re at it, how about a complete component browser refresh? IMO it’s one of the weakest windows in SU.

In particular, it is missing a feature that’s important in larger models - a search function for in-model components.

Outliner can search for them if they are used in the model, but can’t find unused ones.

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Agreed. Here’s a short list of missing functionality:

  • Search function
  • Sort function, including the ability to see unused components
  • View by tags (wouldn’t that be cool?!!)
  • Show component hierarchy for nested sub-components
  • Highlight selected component in model

I’d just like to know from someone at SU if they acknowledge these shortcomings and plan to make changes, or if for some reason they are satisfied with the component browser as is.