Weird mouse behavior in component list

Recently, I downloaded 2022.03 and I’m about ready to go back to 2021. But first, let’s see if you guys can explain an issue I’m experiencing.

I often make simple and complex versions of the same component, and frequently switch one for the other. I do this by selecting the component in the drawing I wish to replace, go to the component list in the side bar, locate the replacement component, right click, and select “Replace Selected.” THAT much works as it always has.

However, when I return the cursor to the drawing, it is dragging another instance of the component. You might imagine the humorous and time wasting instances of random copies of the same component stuck to the geometry or floating around in outer space (relative to the model origin).

The same thing happens when I use the right click to explore properties of a component or compare two similar components. When I’m done with the context menu, the component I was looking at is obnoxiously attached to my cursor.

A right click should bring up a context menu, not put the component I’m reviewing into the model.

Anyone else experience this?

We did at some point fix that. I’m not sure if that was with 2022 or 2022.0.1, but I don’t see it mentioned in the release notes.

I can’t make the problem happen in any version at the moment. Can you check About SketchUp on the Help menu, and make sure it is 22.0.354 and not 22.0.316?

I am using 22.0.354.
Also, in related issue, I USED to be able to delete components that I no longer need using the right click context menu. Now that option is greyed out. Even though Statistics report no instances of said component. Of course, I can purge “not used” but that precludes me saving components in the model that I may wish to use later (or not), but for certain reasons (that will obviously give DaveR a fit), I wish to keep around. It’s a workflow idiosyncrasy of mine. I don’t need a talking-to. I REALLY do like managing components I use or don’t use while working in the model, and not have to resort to filling up a “parts” folder with cr*p I may or may not need. (shrug)
I had no trouble doing what I prefer while using SketchUp 2021.
Back to modeling.

I found the bug report about that problem, and it does say that the fix for it was to be included in 2022.0.354. It also appears in a bug report for your first issue, implying that the fix should solve both problems.

@trent can we check SU-50524 and SU-50529 to see if they were included in 2022.0.354? If they were, what would explain them still showing as problems?

No. It won’t give me a fit. I gave up caring how you manage your models long ago.

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It works only with the “In Model” components. Do you have a different tab open?

No. But the component “Favourites” folders don’t display a context menu at all.

One thing to notice can be the appearance of the cursor, if it’s changed into the four arrow ‘move’ and you hit escape, it should return to the normal selecting arrow.
Greyed out options often relate to faulty permissions, meaning that folder actions can’t be executed by SketchUp.
What are the locations of those folders? Are they in the 2021 app data?

It is NOT in the 22.0.354 installed in my system, which is this:
2022-03-06 22_58_23-Digester_2-12-22.skp - SketchUp Pro 2022

When I do what seems to me to be exactly the same mouse movements and clicks as in your lovely little series of videos (apparently designed to show me up), I do NOT get the same result. Maybe you got the special DaveR edition.

I do not. That would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? I click on the little house and see components available in my model. Whether they are installed or not.
What DaveR demonstrated here does not work on my system.

Yep. Or I can use a shortcut to a different command, such as select, to restore the normal selecting arrow cursor. But I shouldn’t have to, should I?

I’m not clear what you man by “those folders.” I’m trying to selectively manage components in the current model file.

I thought that the greyed out option was in other collections then the ‘in model’ collection, usually sored in the AppData of the current version.
But that option should appear regardless being in another folder.
The difference now is list view versus thumbnail view, does anything change if switched to thumbnail view?

FWIW, only if one reopens the panel you can get the panel in a state where there are no components highlighted.
There is no ‘unselect button’ and ‘Refresh’ doesn’t do this , either
Whenever you rightclick on another, there is no clear indication if the action is actually performed on that component.
Which is also confusing, imo.

Well, Mike, you seem to have figured out a solution for the problem, kind of. The “delete” option is not greyed out in icon view…only in list view. The issue that the component follows the cursor into the model (with the 4-way move cursor) still exists.

Indeed it is. Is this the only situation where a right click performs a selection function? If so, then it’s a bug that should be rectified, but one that I might get used to. I do like the list view because I can see a broader range of components that way. It’s a shame the command structure regarding component management is different just because of the way one chooses to view the list of them.

Thanks for your help.

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I see the same in list view. I have added notes to the two bug reports, and marked them as needing to be reviewed.

Thanks, Colin.