Replace Selected in components tray, brings in additional component

Hi All,
I use the ‘replace selected’ command, (found if I right click on a component in the components tray) as part of my work flow, I have noticed that since upgrading to 2022, when I swap out a component, I have a new component ready to be placed sitting on the end of my cross hairs.?.
I’m assuming it’s a bug as there’s no logical reason for it to be there. I want to replace a component, not add a new one…
Just FYI to be fixed in the next update… Hopefully…


I’m not seeing what you describe.
GIF 9-03-2022 1-31-43 PM

Thank for the response…
■■■■, you right…
Mine does not behave like that… ?
I’m jealous

Don’t select the component in the browser before you right click it.