Replace component greyed out


I am trying to replace a component with a newer saved version of it, but when I select it, then go to the Component tray and try to click “Replace selected”, the option is greyed out. I tried restarting the program but does not work. This is not the first time I have this issue. What are my missing?

Thanks guys

Have you selected the instances in the model you want to replace?

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Yes. I am looking into the possibility that I may have messed up the saves and I am trying to replace it with the same component? Not sure
Thanks for answering

Fixing the saves did the trick, but this has happened many times. I should probably the way I save and store components

I would have thought that the “Reload…” item on the context menu would do what you want - that is, bring in a new version of the “same” component that is selected. I do this frequently, when I have multiple SketchUp .SKP files that contain instances of a given component. If I make a change to the component via one SketchUp file and then want to propagate the change to the other files, I use context-menu Save As… within the first file to write the modified component (back on top of its existing separate little SKP file) and then use Reload… in the other files that contain instances of the component.

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What method are you using to do that?

As @TDahl indicates, Reload would be appropriate if you are replacing the same component. Replace Selection would be appropriate if you are exchanging one component with another one.

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Hi. That is a very good point, remembering to do proper saves, properly named and in the right folders, and remember to refresh when this problem comes up.
Thank you

I have been making sure I save all components. I have a folder for Core components where I save all the base components, and another folder for the finished pieces which are made of various components. This helps a lot now not to confuse them and loose work.