Update components

I work with components on my drawing. I optimized one of the components (directly in the source file) so that it is less heavy -> creation of groups in the component.
when I “reload” the component in my final drawing, it doesn’t take into account my modifications to the original file, although I am pointing to it.
How to get it to update completely (with the groups created)?

Did you ‘Save As’ the modified component? What was the insertion point? Was it the same as in your ‘final’ model?
What file is considered the ‘source’ file?

In general, one could set up some simple components in the main model (master model) Then use ‘Save As’ to have each component as a little SketchUp file in a folder, and open that file and make your edits (or let someone else do it) Create different options etc.
Back in the Main model, use ‘reload’ and navigate to the edited SketchUp file.

thank you for your answer.
I have already saved the simple component (for example: a table) but I modified it (transformed some elements as group --> for example: table legs). I saved it.
But when I reload it in my main model, the new structure does not appear.

@DaveR showed us the two tray method:

You split the component tray with one set to the “In Model” and one to the component location.
When you change the component and want it to replace the original you then drag it from the in model tray to the component tray to replace the original with the revised component.
This will replace them in the saved components but not directly in your model.
@MikeWayzovski method replaces it in the model.

I continually try to refine the components that I used the most, so I needed to replace the old ones.

thank you very much. I will try this method which seems to me very practical.

I was glad to learn of it when I was told. Much easier than what I was trying.