Rename components in saved folder

Hi everybody!

After trying to rename my components I need help now, since it does not seem to work.

As you know, the components are saved to a folder on my computer. Whenever I rename a component and load it into SU2016 the program still shows the old name or doesn’t show the component at all.
I have to rename about 1200 components. How may I do that ?

Hope, there’s anybody that will help me.

Thanks a lot!

If you edit a component inside of a model, including renaming it, the changes only apply for that model. To have the external file updated you need save out the component over the file in the library. Right click > Save As… should be be to do this.

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I have been asking about this for a while too. I have written a couple of posts both on here and on Sketchucation. This is the most recent one:

I’ll put a link at the bottom to a plugin I found that looks promising. Haven’t tested this on large libraries but it worked well for a batch of 20 component with sub comps too.

@niklashebbel I’ll dig around thru some old threads and see if I can send u some more info on this. I used to have to work with large comp libraries and managed to get someone to write me a script to bring all the components from a folder into the model space automatically, all in one go. You can define their spacing when the come in to the model (eg 1m apart on the x axis). This way you can rename them in the model and then try the plugin above to save them out and have them retain the many you give them in the model (rather than their old name from the component folder).
Working with large libraries is fiddly and just loading them in by hand is sooo error prone…!
Sdmithc wrote a great little ‘save as’ plug-in for use when u need to save a small batch of components - you’ll find this in the link to sketchucation in my post…

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