Refresh all components in a model library (save to files / refresh from files)

Could somebody help me to to REFRESH ALL components in a model? Do somebody khow how to:

  1. “Refresh all” components in a model with files from disk.
  2. “Save all” components from a model to files on disk (update existing library).

It’s easy to do this operations on-by-one, but how to apply it to all components?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried Save as a local collection? If you have modified all the components in a library and have them in the same SU file, it might be best to save out as a new library.

Hello, Dave!
Of course I save all components as a collection, BUT (!) when I finish my job with model I have to update all of them manually clicking “save as”. My second problem is updating / refreshing components in a model with files on the disk. When component file on disk is changed (I use collections in different models) I have to “refresh” each of them manually in the main model.

When you have about 250 components in a model you start spending too much time on this repeating, routine and absolutly not creatie work.

I’d like to find how to do it automaticaly.

maybe a cross references extension:

Mike it is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!!

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This is exactly what my Reference Manager extension is for. It also allows to relink whole directory structures, e.g. if you move the project to a new computer where your component directory is located elsewhere.


Thank you Julia!
Your extention works better for me, it use original path from library and doesn’t change component name as Cross Reference Organizer do.

I did not have an affiliate link,:grinning:

Now that is a USP !

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