Component Library: Changing a component

Hello All.
I have a database of a few thousand models organized in a file tree.
All of these models are made up of multiple components. I now need to alter (resize) one of the components in all of these models.
What would be the best way to do this, and is there any way besides manually opening each model?


It might be something that could be scripted to reload the component in the selected files. You’d have to first modify the reference component and then reload it. I wonder if this is something that @eneroth3 might have some ideas about.

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Hello @eneroth3 - any suggestions to tackle this?
To recap, I have a lot of models made from various combinations of common components. Each model is in an individual file. I need to alter one component in all the models.
Thanks in advance

If the common “base” components should always match between the various “composition” component, I’d insert all these composition components in a single working model. Then I’d edit the “base” components and have the change affect all instances, and save out all the composition components to the external library.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to avoid doing it this way, as there are around 2000 models, some 20mb.
If there is no other way, I’ll divide it up in a few “master” models. It does seem best practice to start organising them this way…