Component Library Problems

I have a component that I use in several standalone models. I want to edit this file, most like as an outside, stand-alone file, and then refresh it in each of the other files. I seem to be having trouble doing this.

It may be no more that file naming and location problems but …

Can you point me to a good tutorial or video or skill builder than addresses either updating components from outside files/models or addresses the file naming and locations needs in Preferences? Perhaps a more specific tutorial on components than the typical “Getting Started” info; these don’t seem to delve quite deep enough into the files from outside the model aspect of my question.

You’d have to open each file and replace the old version with the new. There’s really no automatic way to do it without opening the files.

Thanks. Perhaps I am having a more basic problem of being able to navigate to the right locations. I am going to try an experiment with some different files (textures, styles, models) and see if I am using the interface properly.

Maybe if you describe exactly what you are doing, we can give you some guidance.

Perhaps the “Keyword” is LIBRARY. Consider designating a Directory on your Drive called “Components”. Underneath I personally have additional Sub-Directories segregating the different classifications. Sub-Dirs like: / Furniture / Vehicles / Landscape / . From there, things get even more complex with the need for further designation. For example, under “Furniture” I have more Sub-Dirs to group /Bedroom/Dinning/Living Room/ and so on. Vehicles for example is the Parent Directory for /Planes/Helicopters/Trucks/Automobiles/ and so on.


PS: Take a look at the attached Directory Print-Outs. One is for ALL Components. The Tree-AT (Arche-Type) list corresponds to a more frequently used Lo-Poly “Library” where each Compo’s Name begins with the Group-Name

TreeAT.txt (21.4 KB)tree.txt (206.5 KB)

You can right-click on any component in your scene and choose Reload…, then point to the master file for that object. So, have the thing you want to share as being a regular SKP that only contains that object, and only edit the object in that file, then use the Reload option to update the other files that use the same object.

If one day you decide to improve the object while in a bigger scene, when you’re done you can right-click on the component and choose Save As… to overwrite the master file version of the object.

What ninoalva says about libraries may make sense for handling lots of shared objects, but the save as, reload approach works well, and replaces the old version exactly where it is.

Is there an exchange component option? For the cases where you are using libraries and want to swap, for example, a low poly version of a model for a higher poly version, but keeping it in exactly the same place?