Component Library Fails to Reload

I have a directory included with Components that reflects various profiles I use frequently. If I make a change to one of them and open up a new project, SKU see’s the change (new version). If I open up and existing project, SKU does not see the new version but only the previous (initial) version of my component.

How do I get SKU to refresh this Component Library on existing projects?

BTW I am up to date on SKU and Windows 7 Updates.


There is no ‘live’ update feature, you would have to reload the components manually.
Rightclick on the component, click ‘Reload’ and select the updated file in your component folder

There is no reload option on a component library - a directory that you can include for your personal components . I am talking about components in the project. Thanks for the help anyway.

I did discover that SKU does seem to reload/refresh the component library if you purge unused components in your project. So you create a component then delete it then purge. Kind of backwards way of getting it done but it seems to work.

Are you referring to the 'In model" collection versus the collection of your components folder ?
You must reload components in your model one by one.

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