Editing component dimensions


I am new to Sketchup. I used it a to awhile ago to create a model for a table and benches I am making. While I am very happy with the model (thanks to a lot of help from Dave), i need to change the overall dimensions and for some reason can’t figure out how to do that. Specifically, how do I edit the dimensions of components? Thanks and sorry for the inane question.


Welcome back.

Generally you should be able to open the components for editing and then either use Push/Pull on the ends or select the end geometry and use the Move tool to make the change. The exact method depends on the component and what has to be changed.

In the example below, I made the desk on the right from the one on the left. I moved all of the components on the right end of the desk over . The back stretcher was extended with Push/Pull, the back rail and the top have joinery details on the end so to resize those I selected all of the geometry on the right end of the component and move the selection. That avoids distorting the joinery details.

Can you upload the SketchUp model file?

Excellent thanks as always Dave. I will give that a try later. Much appreciated.


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