How Do I Change One Dimension on All Components

Hi! I have tried searching the forums and cannot seem to find the right answer. I am designing a workbench in SketchUp Make 2017 on a Mac. All of the components are meant to replicate a 2x4 that I would plane/joint down to size, so I used the finished measurements 3.5"x1.25". It wasn’t until today that I realized my measurements were wrong. How do I change all of my components to 3.25"x1.25"?

Ignore the bench with the table top. I made the rookie mistake of not using components so all the pieces are now together. The one I am trying to change is without the top.


5-in-1 Work Bench.skp (723.1 KB)

Double click into one of your components and then push pull to reduce the 3.5 to 3.25, type .25" to make it accurate. However, because other components weren’t flipped on the other side of the bench the reduction will be on the “wrong” side in places. so those pieces will then need to be moved .25" You could select all of those compnents on that side and move in one go
It seems you have two components so you would do this to both.

Thank you! It was driving me nuts trying to sort it out!

Here’s a little gif to maybe help clarify what happens when you edit components in different ways.
Three identical components, middle one flipped along the red axis.
If you scale any component while it is ‘closed’ it will be the only one that is scaled.
If you open the component for editing, any edits will affect all components and flipping will be relevant.
Comp Edit


Poke at this file and see how flipping was done.

5-in-1 Work Bench.skp (563.1 KB)

I find it useful to flip components for left and right, front to back, and top to bottom counterparts and do it even when it doesn’t make any immediate difference. Invariable it will at some point.

Edit: I went back to your model and did a little further cleanup to improve efficiency and make it simpler to build. I can see some other places where it could be simplified further.

Screenshot - 3_8_2020 , 10_07_40 AM

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