Changing a dimension in the middle of my sketch



I have sketched a shelf divider with 18 upright boards imbedded in it but I just found out the boards are 5.5 mm instead of 5mm how do I change this dimension and get every thing to shift with the change. I cant simply drag the surface because its sandwiched between spacers at both the top and bottom and the drag tool will only effect the exposed surface I think. PS this is my first time using Sketch up.


Can you share the SKP file at this point? (7th button from the left in the row above the message window.)

I expect there’s an easy way to do it but exactly how depends on how you drew the model.


mold & Mask shelf.skp (158.7 KB)

thanks I couldn’t find how to do that


OK. Seeing your model is a big help. Because of the way you drew it, if you want to change the thickness of the dividers, you can use Push/Pull on each of the dividers. Unfortunately, since you drew the model as one big mass, there’s not much of an option.

A better way to draw the thing is to create components for each part you’d make in the shop. You would make one divider as a component and copy it to make the rest of the dividers. Then, if you change your mind about their dimensions, you can edit one and all the rest will follow suit.

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that great ! is there a help on how to make individual components ? like I said first time using it


See your private messages.


Thank You so much for the time you took to help me with this program. I had tried years ago to use sketch up but didn’t know where to start. now with the video’s and the time you took to get me started I am enjoying using Sketch up and getting in trouble for working late into the night. :slight_smile:


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