Referencing SketchUp Files

Hi All,

I’m working in a huge model in sketchup and I’m constantly updating different parts of it. In order to make it easier I divided the main file into small files with different objects.
I was looking around for a way to reference each file among to a main one sort of like it is possible to do with autocad and 3ds max, but all I’ve encountered is a way of making a sort of component in a file and importing that component to model.
Is it possible to save a new location for a specific file in order to refresh it as possible, doing a sort of “manual x-ref file”?
Or does any one knows a different way of going around this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I think there is a XRef-like plugin. It may be over at SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Yep, found it… Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Only problem though is that it isn’t a real X-REF it just uses the sketchup ability to import files and refresh them, but it is helpful nevertheless! :smiley:

If someone is interested it is called Xref Manager and it works on skp 2016.

Thanks a lot DanRathbun

Yup, well, I did say “XRef-like”. :wink:

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Seems like you found what you needed. But I got curious if what you refer below was a manual importing (copy/paste) process?

There’s another way of doing that, you can create a component within your main model and right click it and select “save as”, and choose a location to store it. If anything changes on that saved component you can just right click again (the component you saved on your main model) and “reload” it. Even if you change the location (you can look for it). Hopefully that makes sense.

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Which is what, I believe, Xref Manager automates or simplifies.
More Info …

@TIG, anything to add ?

It is old and clunky, but it still works.
It’s on my to-do-list to update and get a new GUI…
But unfortunately newer/new things keep pushing it to the bottom of the list…

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Yes it does! Didn’t know that! Just made a new way to work with it, actually didn’t used xref manager at all because didn’t find a real improvement on the work flow.
Saving the component from the sketchup made the trick, it is quite similar to what I was aiming for! only thing though is when importing it! Sketchup always make us select the insertion point, would be incredible we could have the option to import this saved component to it’s original coordinates…

Nevertheless cheers for pointing this solution out!

Hey @jbrasmartins I’m really sorry I didn’t carefully read your last response (almost a year ago), hopefully you have the right process by now.

If not please check the sequence below, there’s no need to import the component you created within your main model. Just right click on it and select “reload” and look for the component you saved. That will update your model in the exact location (unless you moved it on the saved component of course).

In the sequence below, right side is your main model and left side your saved component.

Trust it will make more sense now, if not let me know.


Sorry! Just been absent from all info! I’ve managed to make it work! Thanks!

This plugin should already be a standard part of Sketchup.
It helps to differentiate between components and referenced drawings. (No real difference… I know … but non the less… it helps in organising).
It’s the first plugin I load when updating SK.