Importing .skp vs copy paste

Relatively new to sketchup but finally making some progress… so.

So regarding the topic, Any benefit to using one process over the other?
Was thinking import would act more like xrefing from autocad where you bring the file in but are not actually copying the information per se.
Noticed that when I imported I could still select and edit the individual components of that which I imported.
That being said, it seems like when i imported the info vs copy pasting the file size ended up being a lot smaller… but not sure of this.
Really just curious as to best practice before I go too far down this rabbit hole.

Also, wondering if there is any way to “xref” models in so that I can have a model of various house models that I can bring into say a site model. Then I can work on the house files indivdually and have them update in the site model as changes are made individually…

I really can’t say if there is an actual benefit of one over the other. Will say I usually use the import function when I want to bring in something from my very large parts file collection . Occasionally will need to get an object from a very large model and that’s when I’ll use copy paste. Keeps me from bringing in a lot of unwanted stuff I end up having to erase. One exception is with poly heavy objects like trees. For some reason they seem to copy paste into the new file faster than if I import them. I can’t really comment on your xref question as I’m clueless on things relating to autocad.

If you import a model it is a new instance of the geometry and can be ‘reloaded’ if you happen to change the original.
Copy paste is basically just an unrelated lump of geometry. (if components are involved they are different)

Components are a bit like xrefs. If you have a collection of components that you bring into your model using the component browser they are linked to the original component file. Updates to the component file will be reflected in your new model. (Reload)
So it is possible to make very complex models that are collections of external components. This means yes you could have a village of different house model that are worked on separately but will come together in the ‘Village’.

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Thanks Tuna & Box!
Experimented with this a little this morning and have a grasp on how reloading works.
The way both of you are describing are basically my workflow with autocad and xref’ing for updating and copy/ pasting for grabbing something here and there.
Very encouraging! For me to jump on the whole sketchup train. I’m liking it actually.